Flash Group today announced the appointment of Mru Patel as Partner and COO. He will also be the CEO of Sapian Capital, the Cryptomonial Engineering and Wealth management branch of the Sapian Group.

These leadership appointments are effective immediately, after Mru Patel has brought his valuable contribution as an advisor on both companies.
Mru Patel is a business visionary, disruptor, fearless serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. He has skills, knowledge, and over 30 years of experience in Technology, Property investments, and development, plus over 20 years of experience with Blue Chip organizations like IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), and Siemens. He regularly speaks at
global events on various subjects with over 1 Million in audiences to date.

“We are fortunate to have Mru Patel join us full time after being a four stars advisor of the companies.
His knowledge, experience, and vast network in the market will ensure a proper deployment of FlashGroup Ecosystem today complete at 99% and ready to hit the market, He is the right leader at the right time in our journey. I can’t think of anybody better to lead our financial inclusion and beyond mantra to a meaningful impact on society. With his
true multi-cultural (speaks seven languages) and global citizen career journey and deep expertise he
will execute our strategy impeccably and bring value to our clients.”


Bringing technology and business together for a better life.

Flash Group, Sapian Group, and Mru Patel had joined forces thinking of the real needs of the clients. The goal is to build a financial system to the highest security standards, striving to ensure the best services with
a revolutionary financial vision that leads beyond today’s limitations. He has always believed in sharing profits with clients in all his previous ventures and now joins the group full time to deliver our humanity model of “Financial inclusion and beyond”, at a time when the world is fighting the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic and where hundreds of millions of people will be affected due to loss of employment.

About Flash Group
Enhanced security for more transparency and control.

Flash Group offers solutions that provide secure services, Utility coin with a core value to reduce volatility velocity, high potential advertising solution powered by blockchain with a unique Data retribution services,
free remittance services, instant wire transfer, and exchanger’s service with the lowest cost in the market.

Flash Group’s technology combines regular financial services and blockchain-powered Defi technology to bring users an efficient solution and empowerment in their daily financial transactions and Beyond…

About Sapian Group
Holding group with companies involved in international trades, commodities market, Advertising, Digital Web agency, real estate, financial services, Blockchain/cryptomonial engineering, wealth management, and consulting. Sapian Group offer a 360 solution for a new class of Entrepreneur!

“It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of two companies whose main purpose is to truly revolutionize the world through technology, especially during these times of transformation on a global level. Financial Inclusion for all the banked, unbanked and underbanked has never been so much in demand with the touchless economy that is upon us. We want to create wealth and share it fairly with our community, while constantly innovating and accelerating our ability to bring the best products to our customers. We also want to create a corporate social responsibility program sharing our profits for the self-sustainable humanity model we are working on.”

Said Mru Patel


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