Brock Pierce, well-known crypto venture capitalist and currently independent candidate for U.S. President, sat down for a fireside chat with Mru Patel, Partner and COO of Flash Group and CEO of Sapian Capital. They spoke about maximalism, helping the community, fiat against crypto, the crypto market future, capitalism and a new mindset and system.

A better future with cryptocurrencies and blockchain
Asked by Mru Patel how does he see the crypto market really going, Borck Pierce answered:

“I have a positive outlook. I’m a believer, obviously. I believe in cryptocurrencies, I believe in blockchain technology, I think that these things are the future and they are going to change the world for the better. In what time frame, in what version, what shape or form, I don’t know.”

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Brock Pierce said that he is looking at the world of tomorrow for its future potential, not the world as it is today. The Presidential candidate believes that people have the power to create together a better future and a better world, and he encourages people not to close their minds.

Evolution, not revolution
Brock Pierce’s view on the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the following:

“I know that I would like to see this be an evolutionary event for humanity, not a revolutionary event for humanity. Revolutions involve anger and hate, and they often end up being chaotic and violent. I would like to see an evolutionary event, where the old and the new win together. I want us to create win-win scenarios.”

Brock Pierce compares maximalism with religious fundamentalism and believes that maximalism is associated with the token you hold and advices people to diversify and hedge.

“This business is too big. I’m ex-Sun Microsystems, so even in the early days we created this thing called Java One and Sun One, where we brought every person out there, even competitors, in the same room and said work with each other, because you cannot be the best working alone,”

added Mru Patel on the same topic.

To find out more about Brock’s opinion on blockchain, crypto and other hot topics, watch the video below for the full fireside chat.


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