Aren’t you fed up with all the bankers that use your money to increase their wealth, while you have to be the nice guy and pay your mortgage, instead of going on that long-dreamt cruise to the Caribbean?
Wouldn’t you like to have another choice apart from the traditional financial services when it comes to administrating your money?
Are you struggling to find an investor for your big life-changing business idea?
You don’t have the collateral or credit to get approved for a traditional old fashioned loan?
All your worries and problems may end if you wake up and realize that you are not in the Middle Ages anymore and you can use technology to change your life for the better. Everything is very simple, and the only question you will ask yourself is why didn’t I think of this before?

What is Fintech
You have probably heard about Fintech, but you don’t have the whole picture in your mind when you think of this term. Fintech stands for Financial Technologies. Basically, Technologies used and applied in the financial services sector, mainly used by financial institutions themselves on the back end of their businesses. More than that, Fintech represents technologies that are disrupting traditional financial services, including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management. And it’s as simple as it sounds.
If you want to start and run your own business, you will want to work smarter, rather than harder, and now you have the easiest way for achieving that. Fintech like crowdfunding, mobile payments, and money transfer services are a real revolution for the way small businesses start their journey. Forget about going to your local bank to ask for a loan or having a thousand meetings and pain staking form filling to find a traditional investor that will solve your problem only partially. Internet just made your life easier than you could have ever imagined.

Crowdfunding for startups
A few years ago, only the real visionaries foresaw the facilities that internet will bring into our lives. Now, it is very obvious that internet is a powerful tool that any person can use. So, instead of using the bank that will loan you some money for a huge interest and admin costs, you can think of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding means that you can raise money quickly and cheaply from people all over the world that you’ve never met. This way, it has funding capabilities for startup capital, which is easier and the time is shortened from months or even years to a few weeks.

Also, Fintech has an impact not only on the financial services sector, but every business the financial services industry deals with – basically, all of them. Fintech startups are only at the beginning, but they are able to disrupt the traditional financial institutions through their innovative ways of solving real problems. So, it is time to use Fintech for your business’ advantage.

Author: Mru Patel, Partner and COO of Flash Group, CEO of Sapian Capital


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